A Taste of Authenticity

You will find a taste of authenticity with my recipes here, that I have inherited from my Gurus in the kitchen, kitchens that helped expand my ever expanding appetite and the mothers, who showered me with love and food in equal measures. It shouldn’t be considered a compilation of ‘authentic’ recipes, because different regions, cultures, families, mothers, cooks have different ways to create the same dish.

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My Speciality Dishes

Like many other Indians, my first love is Indian cuisine. Given my family’s cultural background and my own upbringing, here are some of my speciality dishes:

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My Homage to Kashmiri Cooking

Kashmiri ‘Waazwaan’ are famous in the culinary world. ‘Waazwaan’, technically means ‘The Cook(‘s) (Waaza) Shop (Waan)’. ‘Waazwaan’ is a compilation of dozens of Kashmiri dishes that can be served as a feast to guests. Kashmiri cuisine has been around for thousands of years and shaped in every millennia by different cultures and religions. The Persians, the Chinese, The Mughals, The Afghans, The Punjabis, The Europeans, above all the rest of India and the wonderful bouquet of spices our country is blessed with.

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